M&A Deal Making

Made So Much Easier

Objective third-party support for both buyer and seller ensures a better deal for everyone – including the advisor’s clients. That’s where our Turnkey Deal Support and Turnkey NextGen Deal Support services come into play.

Better Outcomes

A successful transaction requires that the buyer, the seller, and the clients are all extremely satisfied – we make those deals happen! With a combined 150 years of experience, our team has handled hundreds of practice sales. We provide both buyers and sellers with the insight, structure, and best practices necessary to ensure better outcomes for one of the most important transactions you can make. We also offer options for both internal and external successions, depending on how much support you need – and provide clear, upfront pricing.

Team of Professionals

Our team consists of professionals with deep expertise in key areas of M&A transactions. Depending on which level of service you select this may include:

  • A Business Analyst who will conduct a valuation of the practice
  • An M&A Expert who will help negotiate the deal terms
  • An Executive Coach who will help construct a transition plan
  • A Business Attorney who will draft an enforceable agreement between parties
  • Help navigating bank financing, if needed

Key Deliverables

Business Valuation

Our Turnkey Deal Support Plus and Turnkey NextGen Deal Support services include our award winning valuation, which was recognized by key industry leaders as a valuable tool empowering advisor growth and deal making. We deliver a calculation of value that integrates the industry specific market-based approach with the more established M&A practice of using a “discounted earnings” method. The integration of the two methods balances the views of buyer and seller.

Term Sheet

Our experienced M&A consultants can represent either the buyer or seller or serve as a neutral third party for both during internal successions. The term sheet will include all key terms, structure, and important protections for both buyer and seller in order to balance risk and ensure commitment to the success of the deal. The term sheet serves as a blueprint for the lawyer who will then draw up all necessary legal agreements.

Right Size Solution

Whether you have an external buyer or an internal successor, we’ve got the right solution for any deal.

Internal Successor

Turnkey NextGen Deal Support

For Advisors Who Have An Associate/ Junior Advisor They Wish To Phase Into Ownership. 

Our Turnkey NextGen Deal Support service lets you design a succession with a trusted internal advisor. We provide you with the flexibility to sell in tranches or through a single transaction.

External Successor

Turnkey Deal Support

For Advisors Who Have An External Buyer Who May Or May Not Require Additional Assistance With Negotiations and Transitions.

For advisors working with an external buyer, we have two options based on the level of support you need negotiating the deal and transitioning the practice.

“Having never gone through this process before, the knowledge and professionalism Advisor Legacy displayed was invaluable. They helped us really understand the process and the value drivers of the practice so we could design a deal that worked for everyone. We wouldn’t have been able to figure this out on our own. They were always responsive and gave us undivided attention during meetings. They even helped us with finding lenders for financing and legal support.”

-Internal Succession, Ameriprise

Not Sure Which Option Is Best?

Our quick comparison chart shows you exactly what’s included in each option.

Item Turnkey Deal Support Turnkey Deal Support Plus Turnkey NextGen Deal Support
Valuation No Yes Yes
M&A Consulting Yes Yes Yes
Negotiating No Yes N/A
Legal Support Yes Yes Yes
Earnings Model for Buyer No No Yes
Transition Coaching No Yes Yes
Number of Meetings 1 meeting with M&A expert 4 M&A expert meetings
1 Transition coaching meeting
4 M&A expert meetings
2 Transition coaching meetings

Deal Support Brochure

Our brochure details the three deal support services and includes a special case study.