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Buyer Resources

Using the Advisor Legacy Sales Platform


Log in to the Advisor Legacy Sales platform.

Click on “Become an Elite Member”

Then select “Subscribe.”

Enter your credit card information and email to complete the transaction.

In the top banner of our site (, click on “Account Settings.”

On this page, you are able to update your basic account info, including resetting your password. Once any/all changes are made, be sure to click the “Update Settings” button at the very bottom.

If you are invited to bid, you will receive a notice of such from our Advisor Legacy system. That notice includes a link to a page with instructions for bidding.


You will need to click on the red “Bid Now” button in the practice listing in order to see deal terms and other specific information that will be required at this stage. You will have access to this button upon receiving your invitation to bid.

All communications with the seller must go through our Advisor Legacy team. We have found this to be in the best interest of both the seller and the buyer candidate.  Please see the FAQ’s for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only Elite buyers can build a profile of their business and be eligible to participate in an acquisition.

The profile is a robust source of information on the buyer and one of the primary sources of information for the seller to review when determining who will be invited to bid on the practice.

You might, but it is not guaranteed as that is strictly determined by the seller in each individual case.

Your profile will be available to future sellers as long as you maintain your Elite buyer status.  However, you may want to tweak it when you express interest in another practice if any metrics have changed or if you want to convey a particular message to the seller based on their profile.

No.  You may cancel your membership at any time.  Keep in mind doing so will also eliminate your ability to be considered for an acquisition.  Your profile will remain intact should you decide to become an Elite buyer again at a future point.

After the bidding process, those candidates selected by the seller to move forward will have an initial interview with the seller, led by the Advisor Legacy Coach.  This will be the first opportunity to interact directly.  We request that communications following this step still go through our Advisor Legacy team as we have found that to be in the best interest of both the seller and the buyer candidate.

Please email us your questions.  If they are general and would be helpful to all candidates, we will post them (along with the answers) in our Q&A section that is on the reports page provided to bidders.  If they are specific, the proper team member will respond directly to you.

Our Advisor Legacy team will continue to work with the seller and you (collectively) throughout the deal terms finalization, preparation of legal agreements, planning for the client transition, and coordinating funding/disbursements.  That is, we continue to step you through the process all the way through the close of the sale/purchase.

Education and Services for Prospective Buyers

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White Papers

In this white paper, we outline the ten most important steps you need to take to prepare yourself and your business for growth and success through acquisition.

Learn how one practice used a valuation as a giving them a tool to help drive up practice value, inform strategy, and improve practice finances.

A buyer and seller share their unique journey toward finding a win-win solution for both parties and how the practice sale evolved.

Jonathan Kuttin, of Kuttin Wealth Management, shares his experience and best practices for driving growth through practice acquisitions.

In this white paper, we speak to industry lenders to learn about what options are available and what advisors need to know to prepare for the loan process.

In this white paper, we outline the 10 steps to take to improve your practice profitability and value.

Buyer Services

Buyer Services

For those looking to grow through acquisition – we can help. Whether you are looking for strategic advice, you need help sealing the deal with an existing seller, or you need help finding opportunities to purchase practices with lending support, we have a solution for you.

Business Valuations

What is your practice worth? We have the most pain-free valuation process in the industry. You get more than numbers – our experts provide personalized insights and strategic, actionable advice. Empower your decision-making.

Deal Support

Do you need help working through a deal? We provide financial, legal, and logistical advice to both buyers and sellers who are working together. We negotiate and finalize the terms to carry the transaction across the finish line.

Continuity Planning

Continuity Planning is one of the most important yet avoided exercises in our industry. We have removed the pain so you can remove the risk. Protect your practice, your heirs, and your clients from an unknown future.

Lending Support

Bank financed deals offer security to the seller and more options to the buyer. Get the lending support you need to complete your deal. Learn how bank financing can make a winning transaction for both parties.

Legal Support

Let us help you make the deal official. Work with attorneys who specialize in practice sale transactions to ensure every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed so that both parties are protected.

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