Manage Your Practice with a Formal Business Entity

Get serious about your advisory business and establish a foundation for long-term growth with our Turnkey Entity Support Service.

Business structure to meet the changing financial advisor landscape

Practice consolidation and teaming is changing the landscape of our industry, with increasingly complex partnerships and equity arrangements. These changes require a higher level of business management, which is often facilitated by a business entity (LLC or S-Corp) and a partnership operating agreement. With three levels of support available, our comprehensive entity formation service is designed to help you establish a strong foundation for your growing practice.

Benefit from legal expertise

Our team of legal professionals have decades of experience developing legal agreements and structures for the financial advisor industry. They understand the nuances of the advisor regulatory environment and how to develop entity documents that meet local, state, and federal requirements as well as industry compliance.

We walk you through the process step-by-step

Our streamlined process and industry expertise allows us to deliver our Turnkey Entity Support service in a timely fashion. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind with clear, up-front pricing and pro-active approach to communication and collaboration with you and your partners. Our optional features let you enhance and further customize the service to meet the needs of your specific practice, giving you the ability to select and design the package that works best for you.

Manage Practice Equity

Whenever engaging in major business changes, it’s important to know the value of your practice. Our detailed valuation will give you (and your partners) the insights you need to manage practice equity. It’s also an invaluable tool for making strategic decisions about your practice and for incentivizing ownership among key staff.


Featuresper entity
  • Number of owners
    Pricing for entities with more than 4 owners will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Entity Usage
  • Single Point of Contact
    You will be assigned your team based on several factors, such as package, availability, and complexity of your project.
  • Financial Industry Specific
    Our team has decades of experience in the financial advisor industry.
  • Entity Documents
    Entity documents may vary based on the entity selected, but generally include: organizational formation documents, operating and governance documents, organizational minutes etc., LLC qualification and publication documents.
  • IRS Form 2553 - S Corp Election Form Preparation
    Preparation of IRS Form 2553 to allow your entity to be taxed as an S Corporation, including instructions on how to submit the form to the IRS for easy filing.
  • Document Revisions
    We work with you to tailor your documents to your needs. Your business is not cookie cutter- your documents shouldn’t be either.
  • Consultation Call(s)
    Consultation calls help us clarify inputs, address your questions, and provide recommendations to ensure that your deliverable meets your needs in real-time. The included calls are appropriate for the overwhelming majority of client projects.
  • State Registration & EIN Application
    Application for your Federal EIN and registration with the Secretary of State to obtain the Articles of Organization / Incorporation for said state. Local licenses and permits and/or payroll registration is not included.
  • Recommendations
    Not all entity structures are created equal, and each comes with its own rules, pros/cons, administrative burdens, and tax consequences. We provide you with tools and recommendations, so you can make an informed choice of entity.
  • Coordination with Tax Professionals
    Collaboration with your existing CPA and other professional team is essential to assure we create a structure that works for your needs, that you understand and that your tax and other professional advisors support and understand.
  • E-document Execution with Backup Storage
    We will provide you with a complete set of records for your entity, and can do so in electronic, hard copy or both. We will also retain a backup copy of all documents.
  • Timeline
    Estimated timeline to complete projects starts upon formal engagement and receipt of all required information and documentation. Timelines are estimates and will vary based on client needs and circumstances.
  • Optional Add Ons
  • Expedite Fee
    If circumstances require an expedited timeline, we will discuss those with you at the outset so you and your team know what is possible and what must occur to meet your timing goals. Expedited scenarios and associated additional fees will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Additional Owners
  • Documents & State Filing for Multi-Tier Entity Structure
  • Incentive Compensation and Multiple Equity Tiers
    These can include options, profits interests, equity appreciation rights plans and other incentive compensation structures.
  • Key Person Agreements
    Your team is your lifeblood. We work with you to create lasting enforceable and understandable agreements with key team members, employees or other contributors to your business. These documents help align incentives and create certainty for you and the people that make your business work.
  • Debt Sharing and Indemnification Agreements
    Debt can be a useful tool to identify and leverage growth opportunities. The circumstances upon which you and your other owners wish to share in responsibility for legacy and new debt can vary widely. We work with you to customize a tailored solution in these instances. Don’t let legacy debt obligations get in the way of your shared business goals.
  • Foreign Qualification Application
1 Owner
$4,250per entity
  • Up to 1 Owner
  • Single member entity, holding company
  • 1 Revision
  • 2 Calls (up to 2 hours total)
  • 10 business Days
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • X
  • X
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • $1,000 per application
2 Owners*
$6,995per entity
  • Up to 2 Owners
  • Multi-owner entity
  • Up to 3 Revisions
  • 3 Calls (up to 3 hours total)
  • 30-90 Business Days (Subject to collaboration with ownership team and outside CPAs)
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • X
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • $1,000 per application
4 Owners*
$8,995per entity
  • Up to 4 Owners
  • Formation of a one new Multi-Owner Entity, restructuring of one existing entity
  • Up to 4 Revisions
  • 4 Calls (up to 4 hours total)
  • 3-5 months (Subject to collaboration with ownership team and outside CPAs)
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • Available at prevailing hourly rates
  • $1,000 per application

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