Sample Components of Our Business Valuations

Our Business Valuation provides so much more than a number – it provides you with a detailed analysis showing how to drive value.

Calculation Summary

We deliver a calculation of value that integrates the industry specific “market” based approach with the more established M&A practice of using a “discounted earnings” method. The integration of the two methods balances the views of buyer and seller.

Range of Value Summary

The valuation result (value) is generally in the middle of a range of prices that we would expect to see in actual deals. A range of price exists due to the terms of the deal, financing structure, assumptions of the buyer and seller, and other factors.

MaxVal Predictor™

Using our proprietary algorithms, we are able to model not only your current practice value, but how we expect it to change over time given your current client make up. This information is helpful in understanding the best time to sell and how much you could gain or lose by waiting too long.

MaxVal Predictor™

We show a graphic representation of your value over time – with a growth scenario and a scenario where you stop growing.

Practice Benchmarking

We compare key metrics between your practice and practices of similar sizes. These metrics help explain why two practices with similar revenue can have drastically different valuation results.

Client Benchmarking

We compare some of the driving components of value between your practice and other practices of similar sizes. These comparisons can help you make strategic changes to improve your business’s value.

Client Segmentation

Your client composition has a lot to do with your overall practice value, so this section takes a deeper dive into how your clients are segmented and compares your values to other practices of similar size.

Practice Efficiency

We use key metrics to determine your practice efficiency as it relates to your staff, your clients, and your overall revenue and expenses.

For Financial Advisors

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