Purchase a Business Valuation

Please fill out your billing information below. If you are affiliated with one of our partner firms, please select the firm to receive your partner discount. If you were given a coupon, please enter it under the "Discount Code" field below and click "Apply Discount." Below you will find our Calculation Engagement. Please read it carefully and check off your acknowledgement then sign to confirm your agreement using your mouse or finger (on a touch screen). After this purchase, you will be sent by email:

1) A copy of your receipt and the Calculation Engagement for your records, and
2) Instructions for how to begin the Valuation process.

Banks: If you are a Bank Underwriter or Bank Customer, please use our Bank-Ordered Business Valuation form.

Advisor Excel: If you are an advisor with Advisor Excel looking to purchase an Advanced Valuation (Investment Management AUM & Insurance Business), please use our AE Advanced Valuation form.