"Buying a practice is complicated.
You don't know what you don't know.
Objective advice from a partner
who does know is invaluable.


Make the RIGHT aquisition.

"Buying a practice is complicated. You really don't know what you don't know. Objective advice from a partner who does know is invaluable.


Find out how to make the right acquisitions.

Buying a Practice

Never enter a transaction without the proper due diligence. We ensure our buyers invest wisely.

Identify the right fit for today and tomorrow

The volume of practices for sale represents an unprecedented opportunity for growth. But choosing the right practice to acquire is the key to success.

In a recent study, nearly half of advisors weren't satisfied with the outcome of their acquisitions. Often, advisors don't anticipate the complications and unknowns that come with the process of buying a practice and integrating it to achieve long-term growth.

Advisor Legacy has supported hundreds of succession transactions - we know what to look for to ensure you're maximizing your time and resources.

Achieve the best long-term value

Our unbiased expertise and strategic advice gives you confidence that you're entering the right deal, before you've committed a large investment. We can help you:

  • Evaluate buying opportunities, and understand the "staying power" of a deal
  • Find lending
  • Gain legal advice
  • Successfully integrate the acquisition into your practice

Based upon your needs, we'll customize our consulting service to help you gain the maximium benefit.

Make a complicated process run more smoothly

We offer the systems, tools and experience to help you through every stage of an acquisition, whether you’ve already identified a practice to buy or are just starting to look. Here are the ways we can help throughout the process:

Legal Support

For an asset as important as your practice, handshake deals are way too risky. We ensure that our clients have the appropriate legal contracts and written terms to protect themselves at every turn.

The attorneys that we work with have been fully vetted and were carefully selected because they understand the nuances of our business.

Most of our Advisor Legacy services include the attorney consultations and contracts; however, in some circumstances additional legal services are necessary.

If would like to speak to an attorney about your situation, contact our legal partners.


For Those
looking for a
Practice to Buy

Advisor Legacy
Advisor Legacy Sales

If you are looking for a practice to buy, become a member of our Advisor Legacy Sales website, and see practices available for purchase. For serious buyers, we offer our Elite Buyer Memberships.

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For Those
Involved in
a Purchase

Deal Support Services

This service is for buyers who are already engaged to buy a particular practice. We work with both the buyer and seller to negotiate and finalize the deal - ensuring that all legal, financial, and logistical details are executed correctly and the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

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For Those
Looking For
Expert Advice

Acquisition Consulting

For advisors who would like advice about how to approach, plan for, and execute an acquisition deal, our experts can help. We have facilitated hundreds of transactions. Rely on our expertise to make a wise decision.

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Legal Support

When you are buying a practice, it is so important that you haveprotection to lessen your downside risks. We ensure that our buyers have the appropriate written terms, such as attrition terms, within their contracts. Our partner attorneys have been fully vetted and were carefully selected because they understand our business and the regulatory rules that govern these transactions.

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Bank Financing

For many buyers who are short on cash or who wish for more flexible terms on their deal, bank financing is an ideal solution. We work with banks specializing in this space who are uniquely qualified to underwrite and approve lending for financial advisory practice sales. Several types of loans exist and knowing what you qualify for ahead of time can help you put your best foot forward in the negotiation process.

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Looking for Acquisition Opportunities?

Each year, several sellers who are not engaged with a buyer contract with us to sell their practices. We offer these practices for sale on our Advisor Legacy Sales website. If you are looking for acquistion opportunities - you can enroll in our Advisor Legacy Sales process for free.


Speak with an Acquisition Expert

Do not buy a practice without the help of an expert! We help our buyers formulate appropriate offers, secure the right types of financing, develop fair terms that minimize downside risk, and vet practices to ensure they are solid investments. You will know all of your options so that you will feel prepared for the process.

You can send us a contact form and we will ensure that the right person from our team reaches out to you. Or you can click on our live chat option (bottom right-hand corner) to speak with someone during normal business hours.