A Legacy for Sellers

Your practice is not just an asset - it is collection of personal relationships built up over years of hard work. It is your legacy. Entrusting all of this to someone new can be overwhelming. We walk you through the entire process - covering the emotional, financial, and logistical aspects of this once-in-a-lifetime transaction. You will know that your legacy lies in the right hands.

Opportunities for Buyers

For those looking to expand through acquisition, our buyer program offers unparalleled opportunities to purchase high-quality practices. Our due diligence process ensures that you are making a solid investment in a client base that will integrate well with your own practice. We want you to have a regret-free acquisition that helps you achieve your goals.

Bringing Practices Together with a Focus on Fit

Advisor Legacy provides a full-service platform to match buyers and sellers together. Our highest priority is the long-term success of the transaction; therefore, much attention is placed on both parties' long-term goals, personalities, and service models. We facilitate the entire process from initial introduction, through the negotiation process, to the final transition - ensuring both parties achieve their goals along the way.


Advisor LegacyOur Advisor Legacy Sales Process

Our Advisor Legacy process has been carefully designed for both buyers and sellers to achieve the best match possible. For sellers, we handle all aspects of this process - including account set up, practice listing, candidate interviews, deal negotiations, and final transition.

Those looking for acquisition opportunities have the ability to set up their own accounts, review the practices for sale, and upgrade to Elite Buyer Status once they find a practice that they are interested in purchasing. We begin working with prospective buyers after they have been identified by the seller as possible candidates.

The Grocery Store Test

The Grocery Store test is our test for excellence. We want you to envision running into one of your clients unexpectedly at the grocery store several months after you have transitioned your practice.

Will your client be happy to see you? Will they be pleased with how things turned out? Will they be happy with the new advisor?

If the answers are "Yes" - then we have done our job right.

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The Seller Process

Valuation Completed

A valuation is completed to establish the fair market value of the practice; however, this price is not published.

Practice Listed

A notification email is sent to hundreds of prospects in our database letting them know a practice is for sale (posted anonymously).

Interest Expressed

Candidates can express interest. Serious buyers will complete an Elite Buyer profile so that you can learn more about them.

Bidding Begins

A subset of candidates will be asked to submit bids on the practice. Our team will facilitate interviews with your top choices.

Finalist Interviewed

Additional interviews and negotiations take place. A buyer will be chosen. The practice is sold and transitioned.

Register Account

Sign up for a free account on our Advisor Legacy Sales website.

Advisor Legacy
View Practices

We regularly post practices for sale. You'll see practices that you are eligible to buy based on your firm affiliation (if any).

Express Interest

"Express Interest" in practices you like. Serious buyers should upgrade to Elite Buyer status and complete a profile.

Place Your Initial Bid

A subset of candidates with Elite Buyer Profiles will be asked to submit bids on the practice and complete interviews.

Buyer Selected

Additional interviews and bid negotiations take place. The seller chooses the candidate who is the best fit.

The Buyer Process

Basic Buyer Membership
  • Notification of New Practice Sales
  • Ability to See Practice Details
  • Ability to Express Interest

Upgrade to Elite Buyer

Our platform allows users to shop before they buy. Your free membership entitles you to browse through our practices listed for sale. If you find one that you are interested in pursuing, upgrade to the Elite Buyer program. Elite Buyers are able to maintain a personal profile and put their best foot forward with sellers.

Elite Buyer Membership
  • Notification of New Practice Sales
  • Ability to See Practice Details
  • Ability to Express Interest
  • Ability to Publish an Elite Buyer Profile
  • Ability to Bid on Practices
  • Eligible for Interview Process
  • Ability to Buy a Practice

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