Team Spotlight: Vicki Walton – Operations Manager, Acquisition and Legacy Planning

This blog post is part of a series highlighting Advisor Legacy team members.

Any business is only as good as its ability to deliver on its promises. Vicki Walton ensures that we do. As Operations Manager, Vicki keeps everything running smoothly at Advisor Legacy. She provides back-office support for all aspects of our M&A team and is continually working with the team to improve operations, create new efficiencies, and ensure team members are aligned when delivering services.

She also coordinates the entire Advisor Legacy Sales process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth process for both sellers and buyers. Vicki is a point of contact for our lenders as well and manages the follow-up on referrals.

She’s always looking for ways to make things better and is always providing our team with key insights into what our clients want and need. Vicki began her long career in financial services as a licensed support team member for a financial advisory practice. After serving at advisory practices for over 12 years, she migrated to our sister company, Key Management Group. There she worked in our Practice Management department helping advisory practices across the country improve practice processes and execution. In 2018 she transitioned to our Advisor Legacy team and has been keeping us in line ever since. Though one of those rare native-born Floridians, Vicki now lives in Colorado with her husband where they enjoy spending their free time hiking and bicycling the many beautiful trails that surround their home. She loves traveling and prior to the pandemic was able to take her dream vacation through Italy and Bavaria, where she toured many historic sites including Rome.

When she’s not trekking the countryside, Vicki enjoys reading and relaxing at the local coffee shop or simply being outdoors with her dogs. Feel free to connect with Vicki via email at

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